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The Protection Hall of Burial Pit


      The burial pits around the emperor`s tomb are the most important part in the satellite area. They circle the emperor`s tomb mound with a total number of 81 pits and are the epitome of imperial life. The 8000sqm hall is built on the 10 pits located to the northwest of the emperor`s tomb and is the first complete underground museum with advance relic protection technology in the world. The museum adopts heated glass walls and tunnel to separate the relics and visitors into two areas of different temperature and humidity. This method is aimed to protect and maintain the relics on a large scale while allowing visitors to view the relics at different angles within a short distance in the mysterious environment,thus learn the advanced technology of relic restoration, protection and exhibition. It also adopts the most advanced spectra vision technology in the world to show the historical events,visitors can experience the colorful royal life here.