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The Top 83 Museum in China
Important Chinese Archaeological Discovery of the 21st Century
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  French President Nicolas Sarkozy Visiting Han Yangling Museum    American Former Secretary of State Kissinger Visiting Han Yangling Museum    Cyprus President Papadopoulos and His Wife Visiting Han Yanling Museum    Cultural Minister of Burma visiting Han Yanling Museum    Aferican Museology Expert Visiting Han Yangling Museum    Singapore Premier Lee Hsien Loong visiting Han Yangling Museum   German Delegation of Interior Committee Visiting Han Yangling Museum
    Han Culture
    Basic Exhibition
Archaeological Exhibition
A modern comprehensive museum with 1700 relics on display
Burial Pit

The first complete underground museum with advanced relic protection technology in the world.

Sacrifice Construction

The important ruins in the mausoleum
The best preserved site of mausoleum temple


A practice project that provides historical enthusiasts with a chance to participate in the real excavation of historical site

Special Exhibition
The exhibition showcases 20 relies donated by folk collectors Ren Hucheng and Ren Jingwen
Special Exhibition
9 eaves tiles with inscriptions and a square brick with 16 Chinese characters were donated by Ren HuCheng
Special Exhibition
Donations by Ren JingWen include a cattle-drawn chariot, 8 daily pottery utensils and pottery pigpen with toilet
    Wonderful yangling  
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